Save The Environment While Burning More Calories With These Workouts

The controversial topic of climate change has become an important subject of debate across the world. Even though the rising temperatures and melting glaciers are clear indicators of climate change, there are some people who beg to differ. When it comes to the changing environment, and its effects, not only humans, are the ones to […]

Fitness foods that will keep you healthy all Winter

Winter season has started, and while we want to enjoy the cool breeze of winter, it is essential to look after your body. As the temperature continuously affects us for the entire season, it slows down our metabolism to conserve heat and energy for the body. This is one of the reasons why we end […]

Try these amazing workout combinations for better fitness

Workout combinations are a simple way to achieve faster results as it combines two different activities in a single one motion. Don’t get confused with compound exercises, which target more than one muscle group or more than one joint. Through combination exercises, you can exercise more than one muscle at once, which means more calories […]

6 Easy Abs Workout for Women

Ab workouts are important because a strong core can improve runner form, injury prevention, and better balance. Ab workouts for women, it’s not only about planks and crunches but a complete set of exercise focusing on your body aspects. Full-body moves such as squats and deadlifts are effective ways of working your core, too. However, […]

Lose weight in a flash with these Superfoods!

Fitness has become a prized achievement in today’s time. According to research, 30% of the entire world population suffers from obesity, which means more than 2.1 million people around the world have problems related to weight gain. The cause of obesity is often linked to the inconsiderable amounts of unhealthy junk food consumed by individuals […]

6 Ways to squeeze a workout in your schedule on Super Busy Days

In this rapidly growing world, we all know that balancing an active lifestyle should be one of our top priorities. Juggling between work, career, relationships, family, and friends has made our days packed. Yet, we are still not able to notice the time required for caring for ourselves. However, we can feel fit and age […]

The Modern-Day SPIVI Cycling – Benefits

We are very well aware of Spivi Spin classes and how much fun they can be. But for those who are not informed about it, Spivi Studio is an innovative 3D simulator system built for fitness clubs and indoor cycling studios to introduce new ways to stay fit. Instead of taking your bicycle outdoor to […]

Having More Muscle Really Increases Your Metabolism, let’s know why

Your metabolism is the method your body uses to form and burn energy from food. You believe your metabolism to breathe, think, digest, flow into blood, keep heat within the cold, and keep cool within the flame. It is a typical belief that raising your metabolism helps you burn a lot of calories and increase […]

Did You Know, “Eating At Night Does Not Make You Fat?”

If you think your dinner is making you gain weight, so think again! It is not the late-night dinner that is resulting in any weight gain. Many experts said that your body metabolizes your diet in the same way that it does in the day. The late-night hogging is easily blamed when the culprit is […]

5 Training Programs for Weight Gain

For anyone who is wanting to put on some severe mass, one among their prime priorities is going to be to work out what the most effective coaching technique is. Here are five training programs to put on serious muscle. For anyone wanting to put on some severe muscle mass, one among the highest priorities […]