Embrace Optimum Fitness With Meera’s Fitness Centre

If you want to take fitness classes in Thane West, consider joining Meera’s fitness centre, where you can all the amenities you need so you dedicate all your attention to getting fit. In Meera’s Fitness Centre, not only do we have the best fitness trainers, who can get you to meet your goals in no time and stay focused on physical fitness, but you can also get the best massages.

Massage services

When you have been working out for a while, it becomes apparent when muscles are too sore, or when you have cramped muscles from working out too hard. In these cases, deep tissue massages, or Oil & body massage Thane can be absolutely heavenly to receive. It not only helps relax your sore muscles but actually increases blood flow and blood circulation, so that your muscles get enough oxygen to repair itself faster and develop stronger than ever!

Your way to repose

Meera’s Fitness Centre can no doubt be considered the best Body massage centre in Thane. So that on days you feel like resting, you can access the massage parlour with ease. Join Meera’s Fitness Centre to avail these amazing amenities and more! Get in touch with us soon for an inexplicable relaxing session!

Flush out the toxins and get healthy from within with our Massage facilities. With this, you not only sweat it out but also remain energized for the rest of the day. Relax and loosen your muscles and be prepared to be healthy.

Body Massage Rate

  • Olive Oil – Rs.708
  • Almond Oil – Rs.1062
  • Scrub msg – Rs.1416
  • Deep tissue – Rs.1770

Steam and Massage Available 7 days a Week with Prior Booking for Massage and Steam is free with Massage