Feel The New You With Meera’s Fitness Centre

If you are looking for a weight loss centre in Thane, then be sure to stop by at Meera’s Fitness Centre! Considered one of the best weight loss slimming centre in Thane, we dedicate our resources to making you healthier and happier! You are guaranteed to leave with astounding results while associating with us! Our resources are dedicated towards making sure you feel comfortable and can use all the equipment to its maximum potential.

Innovative personal training

We have personal fitness trainers that take your goals into consideration and then go beyond your expectations to reach heights you never thought you could. They keep your safety and your health the foremost priority. You will be going through various dietary changes that can be customised according to your preferences. We also feature a fat loss workout gym, which in essence means that all the equipment are designed to ensure weight loss, whether it be cardio equipment or Pilates.

Hassle-free weight loss journey

Of all the fitness classes in Thane West, ours can be considered one of the best. We offer both individual and group classes. Visit our weight loss fitness centre today so you can see all the amenities you can avail by signing up for our classes.

Get 360-degree professional advice on losing inches from the waist and kilos from the weight. Right from diet and lifestyle changes to targeted workouts, you get it all under the supervised guidance of our trainers at Meera’s Fitness Centre.

Weight Gain/Loss Plan :

  • 3 months- up to 10kg Rs.19,428/-
  • 6 months- up to 25kg Rs.35,100/-
  • 12 months- up to 30 kg Rs.58,000/-