Save The Environment While Burning More Calories With These Workouts

The controversial topic of climate change has become an important subject of debate across the world. Even though the rising temperatures and melting glaciers are clear indicators of climate change, there are some people who beg to differ. When it comes to the changing environment, and its effects, not only humans, are the ones to pay the price but also the major catalyst for inciting this catastrophe.

As humans, we have caused enough damage to the planet, pushing it to the brink of collapse. The depleting ozone layer, plastic-filled oceans and decreasing number of forests are a sign that some things need to change. We are advancing at a rapid rate, and this advancement is indeed costing us our planet, while we can’t reverse the damage, but we can change our habits to avert the forthcoming destruction.

Many things are practiced over the globe such as reducing the use of the plastic, planting more trees and saving water, as a fitness enthusiast you can also make some changes to your workout routine to contribute to the conservation of the environment.

The equipment in a gymnasium requires electricity to function while there are also other components like lights and air-conditioners that consume high amounts of electricity. When combined your workout in the gym is also a major contributing factor to environmental damage. You cannot stop working out due to the fear of electricity consumption, but you can change the way you workout to contribute towards the conservation of the planet. Here are some suggested substitute workouts that you can try for the preservation of the environment.

1. Running:

The treadmill is one of the common workout equipment that is used by fitness enthusiasts around the world. Even though the treadmill gives you the convenience of working out in the comfort of your home, it also consumes up to 600 and 700 watts of power energy. When you multiply it with the frequency of your workout, the result is surely going to be astonishing. Running is an exercise that does not necessarily require treadmills, you can replace the treadmill workout with a run in the park, or you can also take it to the streets.

2. Swimming:

Extensively popular as a recreational activity, swimming can also be a great workout option that will help you maintain a good physique and fitness. Swimming is an activity comprises of full-body movements that can help you burn a lot of calories and give you a toned physique. A 30-minute swimming session can help you burn 200 calories.

3. Climbing up a slope:

Cardio exercises require rigorous training of muscles in continuous motion, while an Elliptical machine serves the purpose well the fact that it consumes a high amount of electricity makes it less environment-friendly. On the other hand, you can opt for a much eco-friendlier cardio workout by climbing a steep slope. Your variation in speed during the entire exercise will determine the number of calories burned during a workout session.

4. Skipping:

Vibrator belt is also one of the common machines that are used during workouts. A vibrating belt workout comprises a continuous vibrating movement that stimulates the muscles of the stomach producing heat burning fat faster. Whereas, you can do a lot more with just a skipping rope. Skipping combines vigorous movements of hands and legs, making the exercise an effective fat burner.

It is our duty to preserve the planet, and by changing our workout with natural and straightforward exercises, you can make a difference.

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