The Modern-Day SPIVI Cycling – Benefits

We are very well aware of Spivi Spin classes and how much fun they can be. But for those who are not informed about it, Spivi Studio is an innovative 3D simulator system built for fitness clubs and indoor cycling studios to introduce new ways to stay fit. Instead of taking your bicycle outdoor to travel a certain distance on bumpy roads, you can turn your exercise hour into a workout session without going anywhere.

Being the best exercise bike in the industry that is so trackable, it has set a new benchmark, and an extensive number of people are realizing the value of metrics when it comes to working out. The system is created to measure physical effort and help you achieve your fitness goals. Mostly the session is a healthy group activity because a little competition is right for your motivation. There are multiple benefits of the Spivi simulator system you need to know.

Benefits of Spivi Cycling

Data Tracking

A system that collects data over time is a powerful means to keep oneself active. The Spivi system takes into record your age, gender, and weight and then calculates the scores based on your performance metrics for a session. It has a storage system (Cloud), which studies each workout and identifies significant trends over time, such as fitness level, improvement, accumulated burned calories, average classes took per-week, and more. These help people to stay on track while keeping an eye on their progress; also, such a system helps to stick to a training plan for a long time.


One of the vital factors of any workout is to stay consistent. However, doing the same exercise can get mundane. Spivi cycling provides with innovative workout experience that keeps the members coming back to as each workout offers a different experience every time. These motivate a better workout turning it into a productive live scene that will skyrocket your engagement level.

Proven Progress

Not seeing any progress after being consistent is the hardest thing for a person who has serious fitness goals. Spivi System shows real progress over time, making it a powerful method to keep oneself enthusiastic about their workout. All the data that is stored in the cloud can be accessed anytime you need it. The system analysis each workout and classifies significant trends over time, such as fitness level improvement, collected burned calories, average classes took per-week and more.

Real-time Feedback.

Any workout session that you complete doesn’t give you feedback on how much more you need to workout to reach your goal. Then your aim to lose weight, get healthier, or want to increase your stamina; Spivi provides instant, objective feedback to helps you reach your goals. Offering multiple ways that provide real-time feedback while you are completing your workout. Even if you are exercising in a group session, it will help you reflect the data accurately.

Practical Virtual Classes

With a system that provides you with such great features, you can get more out of the Spivi’s equiments. The system allows multiple groups to play at different duration. There is an unlimited number of group classes led by Spivi’s virtual instructors. This feature makes it more usable and productive for people who want to benefit from the equipment. The reason it is considered as a benefit factor is that it makes the workout more engaging and adds a fun factor. 

Better Communication

Developing a long term relationship with your fitness companion is an ongoing adventure. Remembering, every workout session and keeping up to date about your progress can be harder if you have to jot it down every time you visit the gym. Anyway, Spivi automates this progress and shares with you through emails, Social Media sharing, Club Leaderboard, and also keep you updated after every workout.

Goals Oriented

With all the data stored safely, a person can keep track of their progress and work on the areas they lack. These keep their focus on the goal and helps them achieve their desired metric weight. Also, with group training, you compete with others and have healthy competition that keeps you motivated as you get instant results of your workout.   

It has been proven that visual activities tend to leave a lasting effect on humans than any other. Spivi Cycling system provides visual combined with physical exercises that help people look at fitness as a fun factor. There are many other vital benefits, including the above, that has recently helped hundreds of people to achieve their fitness goal.

When it comes to physical measures, cycling is said to be more potent as it takes both your upper and lower body while targetting essential parts of your body. Every athlete benefits from structured training programs, whether you are an avid cyclist or indoor cyclist. Let us know if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on the topic.

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